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Water saving

200 Ltr Water Butt

Here is a great way to save money and have a storage of water for your garden & car washing needs

The rainwater storage water butt is made from 75% recycled materials and comes with a child safety lid.
It will hold 200 ltrs of rain water and has a convenient stand and a tap.

The water butt stand raises the tank high enough to allow a watering can to fit under the tap for easy filling

A connection from your gutter down-pipe simply connects into your water butt and collects the rain water

It's so easy to use - its child's play!

Ideal for watering the garden or washing your car.
Priced at only 100 including delivery and fitting, it will help you cut down on your water charges when they come next year.

Call Jim on 087 0522570 for more information or to order your water butt.

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