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Cylinder Replacement

Cylinder Replacement


You may have an older un-insulated hot water cylinder. We can replace this with a modern unit which has a high efficiency heat exchanger and bonded insulation. The water will heat up more quickly and stay hot for longer.


Cylinder Thermostat


A cylinder thermostat allows you to set a suitable temperature for your hot water. This helps prevent your hot water overheating and can save energy. It can also help to prevent scale building up in your cylinder which can affect the performance of your system. Cylinder thermostats ensure water temperatures are hot enough for washing-up and baths, but not too hot to scald.


Immersion Heater


Over time limescale attacks the element and this results in the immersion heater failing or in some cases even tripping a fuse. If you are having such problems with your immersion we can supply and fit you with a replacement unit.


Unvented Cylinder


The unvented cylinder gives mains pressure hot water to all outlets and provides a very fast hot water recovery. These systems are ideal for modern homeowners who use several bathrooms at the same time, and who want frequent shower and constant and cost effective hot water. Furthermore, renewable ready unvented cylinders are available to use the green energy from solar panels and heat pumps.

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