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Attic Storage Tanks

Attic Tanks


New houses are supplied with a polythene cistern, which is practically corrosion free, however older houses may still have a galvanised-steel tank which will eventually corrode over time. These older tanks pose a flood risk to your home and appropriate measures should be taken. At SJM Plumbing and Heating we can arrange to have your old tank replaced with a more modern polythene unit.


In many homes across Ireland cold water storage tanks were installed into attic space without a lid or cover, this method of cost saving by the builder essentially left these tanks exposed to the elements such dust, insects and rodents. SJM Plumbing and Heating would recommend that if you have any doubts about your storage tanks to call us to arrange an inspection. In many cases this would be followed up with the installation of an adequate lid or cover and full sterilization of the unit.


If you have recently had an extra shower or bathroom installed into your home you may need to upgrade the size of your existing cold water storage tank.

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