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About Our Loyalty Card

So, what does our Loyalty Card offer you and where can you get one?

We have teamed up with a Loyalty Card company to offer you great cash back and member benefits on every purchase.

Every product & service available on this site offers these benefits to our Loyalty card holders, so you wont want to get your Home Services anywhere else.

In addition to the cash back and member benefits available to you on this site, you can also get cash back and member benefits with this card when you shop at a growing number of local Irish retail outlets, a large number of high street big brand shops and hundreds of on-line shops.

Our Loyalty Card partners have been offering cash back and loyalty benefits to their 2 million card holders across Europe for the past 6 years and have recently come to our shores. With over 18,000 Irish card holders already and growing every day, we are delighted to be associated with them.

How do I get a Loyalty Card and how much does it cost?

Our Loyalty Cash Back card is totally free to anyone who uses any of the services or buys any product through this web site.

If you have a query about any product or service offered on this site, or want to know more about our Loyalty Cash Back card, simply email me at  (Click Here) or call me on 087 0522 570.


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